Charlie Collins

Charlie Collins

I'm an old school software programmer; I have worked as a software developer for nearly thirty years, but now focus on business analysis and project management.

Founded Ayrmer Software in 2002; currently the Managing Director.

I like ...

Aston Martin (DB7)
Ancient history
Devon & Cornwall
Fine art
Formula 1
Hill walking
House music
Real ale

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Welcome to my personal website that has recently had a make over; hope you like the new design.


Perhaps the best way to introduce myself is like this ...

   $dayOfWeek = date('day');
   if($dayOfWeek == 'Saturday' || $dayOfWeek == 'Sunday')
   } while !$tired


I really enjoy reading and find it a great way to relax, but finding a good book isn't always easy, so will publish books I am reading or have really enjoyed!



Next:Darien: Empire of Salt Book I
Iggulden, C. F.

Recommendations: -

Rubicon, Persian Fire (Tom Holland)

Dark Tower, Talisman, Black House (Stephen King)

Painted Man, The Desert Spear, The Daylight War, The Skull Throne, The Core (Peter V. Brett)

The Name of the Wind & The Wise Man's Fear - The Kingkiller Chronicle (Patrick Rothfuss)

The Traveller (John Twelve Hawks)

Time's Eye, Sunstorm & Firstborn - A Time Odyssey - (Arthur C. Clarke, Stephen Baxter)

Recommend a book: -



I'm not a professional photographer, but I do enjoy it and have selected some of my favourite images.


A collection composite photographs, originally inspired by David Hockey's composite poloraids (Hayward Gallery, 1985).
Composite photographs Google+
A collection of random photographs I have put together in one gallary.
Random collection Google+


Venice has been painted by some of my favourite artists including JMW Turner and Giovanni Antonio Canal (Canaletto).
A series of photographs I took whilst staying in Porthleven (Cornwall).


A series of photographs I took on Dartmoor the day my father died and dedicated to him.
Dedicated to dad
A series of photographs taken a few days after I heard my mother had passed away.
Dedicated to mum


Formula 1

I fell in love with Formula 1 when I had the chance to sit in James Hunt's McLaren M23 - when he won the World Championship - and have been hooked ever since.

Formula 1

Formula 1 is the pinicle of motorsport; it's amazing that twelve teams and twenty four drivers can race within a few hundreths of a second!

Unless you have been to a Grand Prix, you will have no idea just how impressive a Formula 1 car is; the speed and the noise simply don't come across when watching it on the television. A really good example of this is Eau Rouge at the Spa Francorchamps Circuit (Belgium). On television it looks like a slight gradient, but in reality it is so steep the frieght lorries that move equipment from race to race cannot get up the incline.

Eau Rouge, Spa Francorchamps Circuit

Fine art

I did a fine art degree and have a passion for art; everything from JMW Turner through to Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko.

Fine art


Augustus Rodin
Antony Gormley
Claude Loraine
Claude Monet
Henry Moore
Jackson Pollock
Joseph Mallard William Turner
Mark Rothko
Piet Modrain
Samuel Palmer
William Blake

Recent work

Sea tractor


People that know me, know that I love house music, but I also enjoy other genres including Jazz, Blues and Rock.


Van Morrison Need to see some live music this summer, was looking of seeing Van Morrison at Dunluce Castle in County Antrim on 7th June.

Finally gone digital, although I have being driven crazy by media player synchronising between phone and doubling up songs - sometime several times - and finally switched it off and doing synch manually!

Cream Tour Cream Tour arrives in Plymouth tonight (2nd Feb) with Cosmic Gate headlining; unfortuantly despite all my efforts I was unable to go, as I have a virus that I could not shake it!

Infected Mushroom at Ministry of Sound Saw Infected Mushroom at Ministry of Sound on Boxing Day; was my first visit to Ministry of Sound and was awesome!

Chemical Brothers at The Warehouse Project Managed to get tickets to see The Chemical Brothers at The Warehouse Project last December; Ed and Tom lifted the roof with a three hour DJ set that was amazing, well worth the years of waiting to get to see them.


I have always enjoyed hillwalking and living on the edge of Dartmoor National Park, regularly walk and have compiled a map, updated 16th May (see link below).

Ayrmer Software

making complex tasks simple


The design concept by Alex Otero (our designer); messing about with design, photography and content was done by Charlie Collins.